About Us

About me:

At university, I completed a degree in Design Crafts focusing on costume and prop design. I later discovered my passion for costume and art, also extended to jewellery, so I decided to learn jewellery making.

I am self-taught using online media such as YouTube.  Initially I started by making wire wrapped jewellery; but I soon wanted to develop silversmith and goldsmith skills. I went on to take jewellery  and stone-setting courses in London and Glasgow. As an avid learner, I continue to develop my skills by both self-learning and taking taught courses. I enjoy challenging myself to create and develop new techniques, designs and ideas.

My influences and inspirations:
My inspiration comes from my love of art, technology and nature; with a particular interest in Steampunk, Gothic and Pagan styles. Artists/architects such as HR Giger, Henry Moore and Frank Lloyd Wright inspire me. Therefore, Luna Hearth pieces often incorporate strong, bold flowing lines and curves, as well as organic and mechanical styles.

Luna Hearth Mark

Luna Hearth name:
The name Luna Hearth was a suggestion from my wife, Pam. The ‘Luna’ represents nature and the silver and gold colours of the moon. The ‘Hearth’ represents the fire/heat needed to make the jewellery and Sgian-Dubhs; and represents home – from where my business started, making things as a hobby.
The Luna Hearth logo came from this, featuring the moon, and a tree with Celtic roots to symbolise home and family.

Luna Hearth philosophy:
The essence of my handcrafted items is naturally perfect; I strive to make pieces to treasure, by honouring the materials I use; taking time and using skill, love and traditional techniques to create items that show their natural beauty. I use natural gems and I offer options such as environmentally friendly eco-silver and eco-gold (made with 100% recycled silver or gold) as well as Fairtrade Gold. As a matter of principle, I try my best to reduce my carbon-footprint and waste. I always try to buy ethically, sourcing metals and gems from ethical companies, and these are usually small, family run businesses, which supply excellent quality materials.

Questions & Answers –

Do you have this item/size in stock?
I don’t mass produce items, therefore I don’t keep different sizes in stock. Instead, I am happy to make you one to order. As I hand craft to order, this guarantees that every piece made is an original item, unique and handmade in my studio.

Will my item look the same as the photo?
I do try my best to make the items similar to photos on my website; however, each item is unique due to the nature of handcrafting. This does mean there are some slight variations in each piece, or a ‘perfectly imperfect’ item, as you get from the process of hand making items.

How is the jewellery made?
I design, craft and stone-set in my Luna Hearth studio. Luna Hearth jewellery are bench made as standard, this means it is made by using traditional tools and a hand torch. Starting with the raw metal, then using hand tools to cut, bend, shape and file.

Each piece is handmade, exclusive and entirely individual. As a result, customers get a unique item, made with much care and attention.

Where can I buy Luna Hearth items?
You can buy online from this website, or you can contact me directly to commission a bespoke piece.