You don’t want to be the same as everyone else, you are individual therefore your jewellery and gifts should be too! Luna Hearth create unique jewellery and jewelled gifts that celebrates you, and your artistic, individual style. 
When you are ready, contact Luna Hearth to discuss your ideas or requirements; design, sizes and materials.  Scott will be happy to contact you for a no obligation discussion of the design. From this chat Scott can get some ideas on to paper. Once this is done, Luna Hearth will provide you with an estimate and discuss the next steps.

The price and time taken to craft the piece, will vary according to the materials used and the complexity of the piece.

A deposit (up to 50% of estimated final cost) will usually be required before work can commence on the item. Scott will discuss the design and materials with you, provide a sketch (if required) and confirm deposit details with you to ensure you are happy.

The craft process

Once your item has been designed and an estimate given to you, then the crafting of the item can take place.

After you have paid the deposit, any changes you wish to make to the design should be submitted in by email as soon as possible.

Luna Hearth will keep in touch with you throughout the crafting process, and provide you with updates. Final payment for the piece is required before dispatch. All pieces will be hallmarked as required and dispatched in a presentation box.

Some commission pieces Luna Hearth have undertaken:


Repairs and Remodels

Luna Hearth can also carry out repair work and remodel your jewellery; including restringing beads,  cleaning jewellery,  re-sizing and ring shank repairs.

Below are some examples of repairs carried out: